The Story of the Two Sisters

In a small town in the Abruzo region of Italy over 80 years ago, lived two beautiful sisters who married two brothers in the same small town and a storied matriarchal family was born.

Although the union created a substantial workforce in order to farm their land of rolling hills near the Adriatic Sea, the two sisters faced the formidable task of succeeding in a male dominated world. But the two sisters were undaunted. They rolled up their sleeves, and in addition to taking care of their family, they embarked on the gargantuan task of harvesting, producing, and selling the olive oil from the trees that grew in their ancestral lands.In doing so, they gave birth to one of the only women owned businesses in Italy, years ahead of their time.

In order to transform the olives into oil, the two sisters established one of the first olive oil mills (frantaio) in the region. They applied their minds and hearts and worked diligently with humility and dedication to benefit from the fruits of their labor. In a very short time, the company was able to hire workers and give opportunities to other farmers in the area to provide for their families by working in the harvest and production of the exceptional olive oil that they produced every season. When technology advanced, the sisters replaced their original mule powered olive press with a mechanical press, but made sure to keep the technique of cold pressing the olives shortly after harvest in order to assure the finest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Today a third generation of sisters, Debora and Titziana, have kept up the family tradition by producing the same authentic extra virgin olive oil as their parents and grandparents, always keeping in mind the lessons handed down by their ancestors. The sisters, along with Debora's husband Aldo and their cooperative of olive oil farmers surrounding their olive press, named Re di Coppe after the sub-region where their olives are harvested and pressed, and are now producing an olive oil unmatched in taste, performance, and health benefits.

The superior quality of the extra virgin olive oil is born from the confluence of the mineral rich terrain of Abruzzo. The perfect micro-climate between the mountains of Abruzzo and the Adriatic sea below, and the unique strength and vigor of the generations of old olive oil trees native to the area. This olive oil is truly as valuable as gold. The centuries-old methods and the fortuitous environmental factors that result in an olive oil truly authentic in every way and of the highest quality available in the world.

This rare and coveted extra virgin olive oil is now available through the efforts of Deborah's husband Aldo Cacchioni, and his cousin Tony Pasquini, exported directly from the Re di Coppa olive press in Abruzzo to Denver, Colorado, where this rare and exceptional delicacy from the small, unknown corner of the world is now available for the lucky few in the United States. Our family values of gratitude, respect, and great work ethic that were practiced and passed down from generation to generation, continue today and culminate in the creation of each and every bottle of OliAMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil.